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Wall v groover machine concrete wall grooving machine shock listed

Author : Date : 2012/10/18 16:22:42

Hydropower installation of automatic slotting machine is the company's independent R & D and production of new industry for electric tools. Water slot machine beautiful appearance, convenient operation, high efficiency, clean and environmental protection, such as a molding characteristics, adopting international advanced screw propulsion technology, according to the construction needs an operation out of different angle, width, depth line groove, other different auxiliary tool operation, and does not damage the wall slot is beautiful and practical. Cutting dust particles, low speed, no dust, dust groove is smaller, less pollution, maximum limit reduces the dust of construction installation personnel injury, more humane care water walls of automatic grooving machine is the advent of a major breakthrough in the traditional hydropower installation. Since the end of the traditional manual and cutting in the use of hammer chisel outlet groove of history. Create hydropower installation wall surface slotting industry in the new era, which not only reduces the installation of water and electricity workers' labor intensity, but also greatly enhance the work efficiency, give users a few times the work efficiency and economic benefits. Is the old bright-dark line change, new home decoration, telephone lines, cable, power line and ideal grooving tool.

Working principle

New type hydro slotting machine: is the introduction of German technology, uses the principle of fluid mechanics, spiral propulsion technology, human handle, is equipped with automatic dust removing device, imported special broad-brimmed wrong front blade automatic groove to slag, resulting in rapid development, and achieve environmental noise dust, a molding automatic production standards, the full model full plastic fully modular, shockproof, dustproof, rust-proof cover, stainless steel Japan imported spare parts, wear resistant to play high long-term work.

The v groover of concrete spraying machine with five special functions:

1 concrete notching machine need to change gears and a cutter head, a hard wall, red brick walls, cement covers the red brick, concrete wall.

2 fifth generation of concrete spraying machine using German technology strong power 1750W copper heart motor, humanized design handle switch, the use of flexible safety.

3 using a molding concrete spraying machine without using other tools.

4 fifth generation of new wall grooving machine without adding water clean environmental protection, use of professional industrial vacuum cleaner.

5 forming a wall grooving machine faster, 3-5 meters per minute.

Technical parameters:

Machine type: Z1R-CD-1750

Power supply voltage: 220V 50Hz

Output power: 1750W

Motor speed: 2200-5300/min

Groove depth: 20-45mm

Slot width: 20-40mm

Machine weight: 7.9kg