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Concrete wall v groover

Author : Date : 2012/10/30 9:26:47

In 1, pipes in general on the market generally use PVC tube, aluminum tube, PPR pipe. Family renovation waterway ( pipe ) is best to use PPR tube, using the Long Island power to install water and electricity wall slot machines at a time slot can be issued the ideal line groove, second process only needs to be buried pipe in arranged in the groove, after the decoration of appearance.

The most important thing is to decorate a team, I suggest that you choose a professional decoration company, because professional so fine, because fine so his kit complete!

The fifth v groover of a molding clean concrete walls of five slot machines have five unique function:

1 need to change gears and a cutter head, a hard wall, red brick walls, cement covers the red brick, concrete wall.

2 German technology strong power 1750W copper heart motor, humanized design handle switch, the use of flexible safety.

3 forming a slot without using other tools.

4 no water need clean environmental protection, use of professional industrial vacuum cleaner.

5 slotted faster, 3-5 meters per minute.

Water slot machine : the prospect of building hydropower installation housing decoration is important one annulus, in China, a large number of second-hand housing, old house, there are a lot of Ming pipelines concealed engineering, and the new property, developers in order to save costs, most of the installation of water and electricity lines unqualified, unreasonable installation, so in the process of housing decoration hidden line need new wiring, installation of water and electricity decoration cloth tube is part of the most important step, hydropower decoration slot is a priority, slotted decoration industry essential engineering, has a new slot machine is not only the domestic market a pressing matter of the moment, is also the world's decoration industry consensus.

Technical parameters

1, speed : every minute for different wall grooving 3-5 meters, imported cutting blade for different masonry for life: the standard hollow brick red brick, 6000 meters, 5000 meters of white brick, cement brick walls, concrete cover 3000 meters 2000 meters;

In 2, the input power: 17500W

3, no-load speed: 2200-5300/min - 1, voltage: 220V

In 4, the groove depth: 20 - 45mm, adjustable

In 5, the width of the groove: the line 16-35mm, curve: adjustable size.

In 6, the slotted side engine rated power input: 1200W, 1400W, voltage: 220V

In 7, the auxiliary machine capacity: 30L/ barrel

8, slotting machine net weight: 9kg

Concrete water wall slot machines with advanced technology to create a new era of hydropower installation slot, a secular concrete wall slot installed hydropower industry is new revolution.