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V grooving machine for curtain wall

Author : chino-v Date : 2013/4/3 11:19:17

    V grooving machine is widely used in curtain wall constructing, elevator making, internal decoration, door / window fabrication, the finished sheet metal can get a nice, sharp corner after V cutting.  
       Curtain wall is the external walls of the building envelope, not load-bearing, like hang like a curtain, and it is also known as the hanging wall, is a modern large-scale and high-rise buildings used light wall with a decorative effect. By a structural framework mosaic sheet does not bear the load and role of the main structure of the building envelope.
      Curtain wall is the use of a variety of strong, lightweight, aesthetically pleasing building materials to replace the combination of traditional masonry or window wall exterior wall construction method, is surrounded in the periphery of the main structure leaving the entire building to achieve beautiful, multi-functional and safe exterior wall engineering methods. In short, the building wearing a beautiful coat. The curtain wall consists principally of building facades, skylights (hood) and awning.
       Material of curtain wall mostly are stainless steel plate, Aluminium- plastic combined plate. According to designer's drawing, Sharp corner bending is required for fabricated sheet material. V grooving machine is used to carve V slot over the plate before forming. with the improved CNC controller, V groover can cut perfect slots and accurate position. this method ensure the strength of plate and make decoration have a nice shining look.  
       V grooving machine capacity is designed for most material of curtain wall, thickness can be 0.6mm ~4mm stainless steel, or bigger thickness alumium/copper/combined material plate. length can be 3m ~6m long. both side of plate can be applied v-grooving. with protection film, machine also can V cut K8 mirror plate. V grooved plate is widely used in internal decoration also, for example elevator, showcase in shops, door making. 

                                                                                    (Plate samples V grooved and bended)