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SVG V grooving machine

SVG V grooving machine
Product name : SVG V grooving machine
Item : SVG-1220X4000
Details :

I. Technical characteristics of SVG grooving machine

1. SVG grooving machine uses precise ball screws as its drive unit and has a high machining accuracy, so it is particularly significant for high-class products, This structure is universally used on relevant equipment in foreign countries.

2. The equipment is three-axle CNC control. X axis (longitudinal feed of the tool nose), Y axis (feeding unit) and Z axis (vertical feed of the tool nose) are all servo control. It can realize full automatic machining after parameters are input, comprehensively improving the accuracy of grooving.

3. The drive screw is a multiple-thread structure, high precise machined. It is characterized by more force-bearing points, even and reasonable stress distribution and stable and reliable drive.

4. Driven by a pneumatic system, the pressing system generates large pressures, a reliable fastening force and small noise and energy consumption.

5. The rear feeding unit is driven by a double-thread structure screw and its has a high positioning accuracy.

6. Made of cast iron, the slide way of the tool rest is wear resistant and recoverable and can be used for more than ten years.

7. The NC program is reasonably designed and easy to learn. The equipment can realize automatic machining after the work piece parameters are input. Furthermore, there are multiple interlocking safeguard measures for safe operation of the equipment.

8. Key and wearing components of the equipment, such as CNC controller, PLC, servo motor, reducer, linear guide and ball screws are all famous brand.

9. Residual stresses of main welded machine body are released by tempering to ensure a high accuracy in long-term working.


II. Main technical parameter

1. machining thickness of sheet         0.6mm-4mm

2. machining length of sheet           4000mm

3. machining width of sheet           1500 mm

4. cutting speed                     15m/min-60m/ min

5. single blade cutting area            2.25

6. feeding speed                      2m/min-0m/ min

7. Y axis minimum setting unit:          0.01 mm

8. Y axis minimum positioning accuracy:  ±0.05 mm

9. Z axis minimum setting unit           0.01mm

10. Z axis minimum positioning accuracy  ±0.03mm

11. X axis variable frequency motor power W=4Kw

12. Y axis servo motor power            W=1Kw

13. Z axis servo motor power            W=1Kw

14. air source pressure                  0.4Map-0.6 Map

15. maximum groove depth              2.5mm

16. Overall size            5600mm*2500mm*2100mm

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