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V grooving machine cutter

V grooving machine cutter V grooving machine cutter V grooving machine cutter
Product name : V grooving machine cutter
Item : VC-1
Details :
we are using two type V grooving cutter, high speed steel and alloy cutter on the v groover machine. high speed steel cutter can be used to for various material v cutting, SS plate, MS plate, aluminium, copper, bronze. cutting angle can be regrinded according to the sample. alloy cutter mostly used for SS plate V cutting.

W18Cr4V, W6Mo5Cr4V2, 9341, M42, 7442, 4241, assab +17
V grooving high red hardness (HRC64-66) and mold-resistant grinding, cutting speed, shear winger Lee, high toughness, impact resistance, excellent performance, flexural strength, impact toughness and high-speed steel on the same level. The V groover cutter life expectancy is more than 2 times the ordinary V grooving high-speed steel. Improve the efficiency of machine tool production is more than 2 times.
The V grooving cutter overall performance reached the level of high-speed steel M42 containing cobalt, with good performance and low cost, mold blade customers to effectively solve the problems of the preceding process.
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